Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Silent Ballet podcast

I was asked recently to curate a podcast for US website The Silent Ballet's ongoing Post-Rock Paper Scissors podcast series.
The podcast features an interview interspersed between chosen tracks and remixes from Skeletons, Gentleforce, Westernsynthetics, Extra Life, Comatone, Lofly and World's End Girlfriend. As well as a couple of tracks from the new album.

You can listen/download the podcast from The Silent Ballet or Mixcloud.

Tracklisting is below:

1. Choking Ibis - Underlapper
2. Introduction
3. Grandma - Skeletons
4. 101010 (Gentleforce's Hidden Basement Tape Refix) - Westernsynthetics
5. Recap 1
6. Ripped Heart - Extra Life
7. Nice Place You Got There (Lofly Remix) - Comatone
8. Birthday Resistance - World's End Girlfriend
9. Recap 2
10. Those Six Skeletons - Underlapper

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