Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A couple of new remixes have surfaced recently, the first of which comes from the wonderful duo Collarbones who added their distinct production style to our track Kandos. This remix can be found on their new mixtape Tiger Beats, which is a collection of cover songs and remixes and is somewhat of a prelude to their upcoming full length Iconography set for release this year through Melbourne label Two Bright Lakes.
You can download the mixtape from the Collarbones bandcamp page here

The second remix comes from the ever reliable Cleptoclectics (aka Tom Smith) who actually remixed a track from our previous album Red Spring and because we loved it so much we asked him to remix a track from the new album. Tom chose the track Elephant Shoe and his remix can be found on the latest mixtape from the excellent Oneofour Collective.
You can find all of the Oneofour mixtapes at the following link:

This remix will also be included on the first single from Softly Harboured which will be out in the coming weeks.
To check out Tom's previous Underlapper remix head over to our bandcamp page and download it for free

Until then....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

UnderForce Mixtape

Recently Matt and I got together with our good friend Eli Murray (aka Gentleforce) to create a mixtape as a kind of teaser for the new album. We compiled and sequenced the tracks and Eli mixed, blended and messed around with them. It was lots of fun putting it together and we are really happy with the results.
In addition to featuring plenty of great music both old and new, the mix also features a couple of Underlapper tracks from the new album.

Listen/download the mix below!

UnderForce Mixtape by underlapper


* Pulse All Over - Boom Bip / Motion Picture Soundtrack - Radiohead
* Hlibt - 48/4
* Sippy Cup - Shlohmo
* Between Teeth - Underlapper
* Introduction - Rothko / Rapping 4 Money - cLOUDDEAD
* Let It Go (FlyLo remix) - Reefer
* Rowboat - Fourcolor
* Surprisingly Concerned With One Another - Octavius
* Nordic Laurel - Baths
* Sunlight, Heaven - Julianna Barwick
* Elephant Shoe - Underlapper
* When We Were Young - W-H-I-T-E
* Breathing Rapture - Le Loup
* Springboarder - Parades
* Into The Light - Skyrider
* Asia (oOoOO remix) - SALEM
* The Rattle (Underlapper remix) - aheadphonehome