Thursday, January 2, 2014

Strain of Origin III

Things have been a little quiet round these parts of late, but never fear, we are slowly but surely working on new material which we hope will surface sometime soon. In the meantime here's a couple of recent Underlapper related things.

We were once again lucky enough to be involved in Feral Media's annual Strain of Origin compilation series, which is now in its third year. There are so many great artists included on this instalment and the remixes are some of the best to date.
We had the pleasure of remixing Melbourne duo Children of the Wave and in-turn our track Stockholm got the remix treatment from Aussie ex-pat Inch-time.

You can listen to both remixes via the player below and you can download the full compilation for free at the Feral Media bandcamp page here.

And lastly, we recently posted an improvised recording from the Underlapper vaults on our soundcloud page.
The piece was recorded sometime in 2003 by a very early incarnation of the band. Although very rough, the main parts eventually became the track Painting Red Things Grey which featured in our early live shows. Have a listen and see where it all began.

Until next time when we will hopefully have some new music to share.....

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