Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Choking Ibis single

We have just released the Choking Ibis single which is the third and final single from our album Softly Harboured.

In addition to a radio edit of the title track, the single also features some stunning remixes from friends and label mates Option Command, Alpen and Comatone.
The remixes are stylistically diverse and push the track into new musical realms.

Option Command adds his trademark production to create an eerie beat-driven post-rock hybrid, whilst Alpen adds military style percussion and synth bass, bringing out a funkier side certainly not present in the original. To cap it off IDM maestro Comatone takes what is already an epic track and pushes it up a notch, beginning as a haunting post-classical ballad and ending as an IDM glitch freak-out.

If that wasn't enough, the lovely Tessa C. Stevens of Sydney-based music website Pyramid Scheme has directed a film clip for the Option Command remix which you can view on Vimeo here

We are extremely thankful to all the artists involved and are absolutely stoked with the results.

The single marks the end of a chapter for Underlapper as we begin work on new material which will hopefully surface sometime next year. But for now you can listen to the single below or download it for free from the Feral Media bandcamp page here

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