Sunday, May 8, 2011

Choking Ibis

Here is another cut from the new album entitled Choking Ibis.
The track features the wonderful Peter Hollo on cello and some choral assistance from Tim and Dan from Parades, Sally and Alexi from Kaya (now defunct) and our good friend Mark Olsen.

Here are some kind words from the East to West blog about the track:

Slicing it's way through an inaudible chatter, Underlapper's Choking Ibis penetrates the deepest of facades. A constant rumble of semi-psychedelic sounds are curtly intercepted by the wonders of Peter Hollo's cello, slowing stripping back the layers of humanity and revealing a sea of unknown wonders. Amongst the revelations, an orchestral soundscape is accompanied by the howls of Parades' boys Dan Cunningham and Tim Jenkens, before the track builds to a march of empowerment. As united as it is dichotic, Chocking Ibis is the most powerful song to be found on their latest release Softly Harboured. True joy can be found in the unexpected.

Choking Ibis by underlapper

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